Graphic Design Print & Digital

We offer a service which that we consider catering to every visual discipline. You may bring us your draft concept, and we will develop your rough idea until the design is exactly the way you want it. All we would require is an indication of direction, budget and timeframe: from there we can chart a course of action.

Multimedia Video & Photography

This is a service category that covers image correction and manipulation, video editing, slideshows and video production. We use a vast range of the latest imaging and video software to bring you the very best by way of results.

Installation Events & Exhibitions

Our track record in this field can best be summed up as thus: 99.9% Success. We do not like allowing time for mistakes - because mistakes are usually rather expensive. And very inconvenient at the best of times. While design & production may run fluidly, both can be negated by poor & sloppy installation.

Web Design Pages & Sites

We are happy to design you a single web page - or a complete website. We are also here to help you with an existing website that you may wish to update or revamp.

Our Extended Range Of Services

In order to bring you the very best we have to offer, detailed below are our core services:


WE offer a graphic design service geared toward signmaking, print & multimedia. All we would require from you is a brief detailing your requirements & budget.

Creative City Signs boasts an enormous reserve of typefaces, Hi-Res stock imagery & vector graphics to compliment every design project. So: Be it printed graphics, multimedia, on disk or online - you will be spoilt for choice regarding our creativity and resources.

Image Manipulation & Restoration

photograph restoration Similar to video cassettes, photographic prints also suffer from the ravages of time. Sunlight, damp, blemishes, tears and creases - along with carelessness and the odd accident - eventually ruin precious photographic prints. Usually all is not lost - and with diligence and due care the damage can be undone. Be it one image or a thousand images ...
torn paper revealing eyes... we'd be very happy to view and assess the extent of the damage, and provide you with advice and cost options. We also restore damaged documents.

Events & Exhibitions

We provide a site fitting and installation service to the events, building & refurbishment industries as well as a host of other service contractors. You are invited to view a short video we put together highlighting some of our previous endeavours.

From basic installations through to more challenging productions, each is handled with extreme care and due attention from start to finish - always!

A Boards & Pavement Signs

pavement sign a-board


A very broad term that covers a range of media and substrates. Depending on your requirements, location and the duration of the signage; material options include: Foam, Acrylic Sheet, Metal, Composite Panel, Wood

We will present a range of choices to suit your circumstances after and initial site visit (if required) and consultation. We will always keep within your budget and deadline. We look forward to hearing from you.


file vectoring

Cars | Bikes | Buses | Boats | Trailers

ferrari f40 vehicle graphics

Home, Office & Events

window frosting laurent perrier

Who Have We Serviced?

Detailed below are some of the finest and well known brands that we have had the pleasure and privilege of working with on a subcontract basis.